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Debs read her selection of news and opinion without much interest. The train rides home seemed to be getting longer and longer these days. The words in front of her faded as her mind drifted. The carriage jolted and shuddered, just as Debs made eye contact with a fellow passenger she was thrown from her seat. The world tripped. The lights flickered and failed, plunging the carriage into darkness.
After a brief shaken moment braced against the seat in front Debs eyes adjusted to the semi-gloom. She saw the same passenger across the aisle, eyes wide with surprise and fear. Passengers throughout the carriage were picking themselves up question flew back and forwards, mostly ‘are you ok?’ and ‘what happened?’ people seemed to have minor cuts and bruises but nothing worse.
Suddenly a blinding flash filled the train. Someone gasped with fear. “Sorry! Just my camera” said a man a few seats up, sheepishly waving his phone. Debs quickly followed suit, setting her phone to video record mode. Pretty soon the whole carriage was filled with camera flashes and bright LED lights cutting through the slowly building smoke. Left and right impromptu interviews were being held. One person pointed out that they should break the emergency window to get out. Several people agreed but demanded him to wait until they had a good angle. One person even asked him to say it again ‘with feeling into the camera’.
Slowly they made their escape to fresh air, every step and movement recorded from at least two angles…

I’m actually off work today, with a cold. A cold that pretty much consumed my Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday. I was however very unsure about taking the day off work. I generally find it very difficult to decide if I’m ill enough to not go in. Three times, that I can think of, in my career I’ve gone into work and then have to leave early because I was actually too ill to be in. And I think I’ve stayed home and then realised that I probably could have gone in about twice.

I remember a classic conversation with my good friend Greig once:
He said ‘Yeah I’m pulling a sickie today, my heads killing me and I feel cold all the time even though its warm in the house’ – I’m paraphrasing like mad but that was the basic jist of the words.
I said ‘That’s not pulling a sickie mate, that’s actually being ill.’

So how ill do you have to feel before you’ll call in sick?

It’s been quite a while since I last posted. There has not been a particularly good reason for this. I do feel a bit guilty about it though.
So let me give a quick outline on what’s been happening in my life recently….
Not much, I’m finally getting back into the exercise routine I had before I had glandular fever. It’s not taken this long because of illness, it’s taken this long because it’s far too easy to get used to being lazy. It’s very difficult to break the cycle of less exercise means less energy, means less enthusiasm to exercise, means less energy… etc.

I’ve rediscovered my enthusiasm for World of Warcraft, non-players may want to tune out for this paragraph. Being a warrior my character is very dependant on the stat boosts of his equipment. This is something that I didn’t really ‘get’. My excuse is that on a level-up your stats are automatically increased. You see in Diablo you had 5 points that you could allocate on each level-up. Meaning you had to keep track of stats and what difference they made to your characters performance. However in WoW I’ve only recently got a handle of what stats should be increased, so I’ve been spending time in the auction house (like an in-game ebay) getting kit to increase the right stats, as a result my character is pretty kick-ass now 🙂

I’m also trying to meditate once a day. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a long, long way from finding inner peace and all that. In the vein of non-drinkage though I’m intending to keep it up for two months, to see how I get on with it.

Too all those that I have been failing to call with the regularity that you may have become used to, my apologies. It is praying on my mind and I’m intending to make the time to catch up with you all.

Nothing exciting has been happening recently. I’m actually quite glad of this, having time to gather my thoughts and enjoy the atmosphere in the house has been good (term is coming to an end and people are moving out).

These aren’t coming particularly thick or fast, but don’t complain, they’re free.

This idea is more of an extension of another idea I read about not so long ago…. Well its probably quite long ago now, I’ve been procrastinating. Anyway one of the more recent mobile phone gimmicks is to add a pedometer to the phone, for exercise purposes. And an idea that was mooted quite a while ago (although as I understand it nothing’s yet come of it) was to use the pedometer to synchronise the beat of the music you’re listening to to the pound of your steps. I’m leaping to the assumption that you’d only enable this when jogging or running.
So here’s my idea, into this system add compatibility with the heart rate monitor strap things you can get (Polar is I believe one make).
Then use the heart rate to slowly drift the speed of the music (that is going at your running pace) to either increase or decrease your rate of work.

So in practice, you’d be running along, your music would be in time with your steps, and it would slowly increase in BPM and if the drift is timed well, you’d speed up. Your pace would be almost subliminally controlled like this to ensure that your heart rate is kept in a good exercise zone.

Both with who you trust and with people that trust you.

I went to the dentist last week, he said I needed all my wisdom teeth out and it would cost over £800. I said it would take me some time to get my hands on the money (wondering exactly how to ask dad if I could borrow it 😉 ). This meant that I didn’t book or sign up for anything. I’m damn glad I did too, because it gave me time to think. I’d been too trusting, I don’t need my wisdom teeth out!

Sure things are a bit cramped in my mouth, but it’s not causing my any problems! The only reason I went to the dentist was because it’d been over five years and I was worried about some repeatedly sore gums (I have no idea what gum disease it like). This dentist hadn’t even picked up on anything gum related, and I’m not sure he even checked.
I’m going to get me a new dentist, hopefully they’ll gain my trust. It’ll be hard for them ‘cos I’ll be on edge, not willing to trust too easily again.

Giving yourself time to think about these kind of important things is an essential skill that is very hard to remember in the heat of the moment. It’s something I definately need to work at.

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, but with good reason. Nothing’s really been happening.

I bought a back scrubber for the shower….
Learned how to make cheese sauce, which I’m very pleased with myself about – even though it is the easiest sauce in the world.

That’s about it.