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… All night long (to the tune of ‘The wheels on the bus”).
I was rudely awoken in the small hours of this morning by a car directly outside my window beeping in alarm. Irritatingly there was no-one breaking into said car, so there was no point in the noise. I wanted to do something about it but in my sleep addled state the only thing I could think of was to drop a piano on the car. The logistical problem of getting hold of a piano at three in the morning and arranging for it to be dropped from a significant height proved to be too much of a challenge.
Turns out all I needed to do was to call Emergency Piano Droppers Inc. (EPD) they handle short notice piano drops in record time. EPD is also a member of an umbrella group Allsorted Furniture and Vehicle Lifting and Dropping. With a call to EPD and with the support of their partners I could have, ironically, dropped the car on a piano. Still, I’ve got their number now should it be needed in the future.

Well I went to the doctors this morning, and got good news. The blood test came back and I had glandular fever, everything else is fine.

Why, you may ask is this good news?
Well I was little affected by this notoriously knackering virus. Supposedly ‘extreme fatigue’ can be expected. I was a bit tired I’ll admit and had to have early nights, but that’s no-where near ‘extreme fatigue’.

This makes me feel good, special, strong and healthy. And this probably means that I’ve got more than three weeks to live. Looks like the book ’50 things to see before you die’ may come in useful afterall. 🙂

Damn my lack of blogging I’m going to have to explain backstory.
So, during the Christmas break I had a bit of glandular swelling, under my jaw. With a bit of web research and a visit to the doctors it was ‘diagnosed’ as probably just a bad throat infection. (Actually by the time I found a doctor, it wasn’t a bank holiday, I’d gotten registered and got an appointment it had started to go down anyway). Doctor gave me some antibiotics, bit of a stock response I thought but still, and a blood test. Because of some work problems I didn’t actually go in for my blood test until last week, and I called up for the results this morning.
Considering that all the symptoms seem to have gone and I feel fine I was only really calling for completeness. Also in the hope that I could find out my blood type seeing as I don’t know what it is.
The conversation didn’t go quite as expected at this point:
“Ah, yes I wrote you a letter not long ago, we want you to come in and see the doctor again” (or words to that effect).
The words “Oh good, just out of curiosity can you tell me my blood type?” die in their prepared brain space….


The conversation soon ends with me having an appointment for Friday morning and a slight feeling of confusion.
Irrational self is going crazy “What three weeks to live, god no I’m too young….” etc. Not entirely sure where the number of three weeks came from but hey.
Realistically I’m expecting the doctor to tell me that I drink too much and should cut down, which is something I’ve been thinking for a while now (especially after Friday night!). Hopefully if it is that then it’ll give me the extra incentive to actually cut down, rather than just thinking it would be a good idea.

It’s been just over a year since I bought my D70 kit, and what an excellent buy it has been. I would of course be the first to say that I still have a lot to learn, but that’s half the fun.
I read a website article recently which stated that you shouldn’t expect to master anything in less than ten years. It also had the quite wonderful idea of releasing anti-trend books to this view; “Teach yourself programming in ten years” I believe was an example. I actually find this idea quite comforting, and am happy to work towards it.
In the last year I’ve taken roughly 3,700 pictures with my D70 (or to be more precise roughly that number have been taken with it, as I cannot take credit for every picture)
As those of you aware of my website photo gallery there is a grand total of 24 pictures from that 3,700ish that I feel are quality enough to share with the general populus. I hope that the next year will bring more pictures in both counts!

Irrational self: “They haven’t called back, I must have done something to upset them!”
Rational self:”STOP!! The world does not revolve around you!”
“What do you mean?” Demands irrational self
Rational self:”Well, just because they haven’t called doesn’t mean they don’t want to. They may just be busy. And if they don’t want to call you it’s probably not because of anything you’ve done.”
Irrational self:”What would it be then?”
Rational self:”Well they could be tired, caught up with something else, working, problems with friends or family that you’re not in a position to help with etc.”
Irrational self:”What you mean like a death in the family?”
Rational self:”That’s a bit extreme but possible.”
Irrational self:”Well then I should call…”
Rational self:”You’ve already called, and not that long ago. You left a message, and you know how getting obsessive is never a good idea.”
Irrational self:”Text, e-mail?”
Rational self:”No! Just leave it a few days and see what happens.”
Irrational self:”But… I worry.”
Rational self:”You’re just going to have to keep that to yourself for now, until you know what’s actually going on.”
Irrational self:”I could…..”
Rational self:”No.”
Irrational self:”But…”
Rational self:”No!”
Irrational self:”Maybe just…”
Rational self:”NO!”
Irrational self:”FINE BE LIKE THAT!” Irrational self goes to the corner to sulk and mutter.

After a few hours irrational self will be back. This will continue ad infinitum….

If only I had more control over my brain.

I’m in an astonishingly good mood today. Not only have I remembered my sandwiches which seem to be un-soggy, but also I’m making good progress with work!

Yesterday much to my supprise I got home with an orange and the cuppa-soup left over! You may think that this is the maddness of a mad person but hear my reasoning:
I had eaten all but those afore mentioned items by about 2 o’clock. At roughly three I felt a bit hollow, empty, or at least lacking in fullness, but I wasn’t actually feeling hungry. I decided that eating the little food I had would very probably result in extreme hunger which I could do nothing about. So I waited it out, and arrived home not feeling too bad.
I ate a lot when I got home.

Capoeira was very tiring, I’m still unsure if it’s because it was the first proper amount of exercise for four weeks or the lack of lunchtime sustinance. Perhaps mondays class will clear that up.

“I’ve got lots of fruit today” I said with a sense of pride as I got into Jasons car (lift sharing). Unfortuantely it turns out that my preoccupation with selecting ripe kiwis this morning dragged my attention from something a bit more important…. my sandwhiches.
So for food today, I have a banana, two apples, two oranges, 2 kiwi fruits and some cuppa-soup things. I’m guessing I’ll be hungry when I get home!!

At least I won’t have to make sandwiches for tomorrow.

My new years resolutions are:

Post more.
Don’t bother with resolution because you never have.

I do intend to post more for your reading pleasure, and I will. I’ve not been posting much recently because I swallowed a horse and had to go through some intensive medical treatments to recover.
It all started with me accidently swallowing a fly. I was a bit phased by this I wanted to get it out…. things just spiraled out of control after that. Thankfully I’m not an old lady so I’ll be making a full recovery.