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Last week I had what was probably the strangest dream I’ve ever remembered. So I thought I’d share it with you to prove my sanity, or not.

I’ll skip the beginning bits because they’re a bit hazy and probably related to World of Warcraft, albeit remotely. I’ll jump in…. here:
… I was looking for Pete and I found him, a serial rapist was beating him up by punching the soles of his feet. How I knew it was a serial rapist I’m not sure. Mind reading may well have been involved and the number of sixteen women sticks in my head.
So, I stop this guy from beating up Pete somehow, bit fuzzy on the mechanics of that, andpunish him (for the raping I’m assuming). Apparently this punishment involved giving him terminal bowel cancer. Using some kind of magic it seems. According to my knowledgable dream self, this is the most painful way to die.
This however didn’t seem to be quite enough to sate my desire for justice. So I then proceded, using ‘magic’ again I suppose, to transform this rapist into a transparent radio cassette player filled with instant coffee. To finish him off I then boiled the coffee, under pressure, while playing bad music very loudly through the guy.

Then I woke up.

And I think that’s the kind of tough justice that perhaps rapists need in modern society, you don’t see enough criminals getting transformed into inanimate objects using speculative magic.

Well I’ve just worked out that last month I spent over £100 more than I earned.
This is not a good thing, especially as I’m trying to SAVE money to get rid of my overdraft. However, here are some very good reasons why I had to spend so much money:
Due to a mix-up, I had to pay council tax twice, £120 a pop.
I unexpectedly had to pay £100 to get the front headlight of my car replaced.
I shelled out £95 for Capoeira and breakdancing, this will keep me going for the next two months.

Here are some very good reasons I DIDN’T have to spend that much money:
I am now the proud owner of all three series of ‘The fast show’ (£35)
I withdrew £150 in cash (which basically means I spent £150 on going out).
Council Tax sucks

So this month I may have to be super stingy, I’m thinking withdraw £80 at the beginning of the month, then that’s my doing out fund for the entire month. No DVD’s and pretty much no buying of anything I don’t REALLY need. Although I would like to have a guitar lesson and get an electric this coming month…

Thats all really.

In the house, Dave and I agreed to make October the ‘Month of health’. This involves; more exercise, more healthy food, and less alcohol. Less alcohol has been acheived fairly easily by being skint, more exercise has also increased due to being skint.
“How is this?” You may ask.
Well, having no money means that the things I do must either be free, or pre-paid. I have pre-paid for the gym, capoeira twice a week, breakdancing once a week, and World of Warcraft.
Almost all of these are exercise related!

World of Warcraft has taken over a lot of my free time I’ll admit, but that’s to be expected, it is a highly addictive game.

Which beings me to food. I’ve not being doing too badly with healthy food, although I did suffer a bit of a blip yesterday: My intention was to have a chicken kiev with potatoes, carrots and broccoli (very healthy). When I got home I wasn’t really that hungry, so I ended up having a pseudo double turkey cheese burger with beer.

Mmm. It was good but it’s really not so healthy!
Then I spent the evening playing World of Warcraft. (Wednesday is PvP* night anyway). Fortunately I’ve got capoeira tonight, so I don’t feel so bad about it. Two hour killer session too. Which is er… good?

*PvP is Player versus Player mode, in contested areas of the map it is allowed to attack players on ‘the other side’.

Well if you’re bored and can get enthused by random ‘memes’ here’s one: Go to google (or you favorite search engine of choice) and type in “[your name] needs”.
Hilarity ensues… supposedly:

  • Why Rob needs your support and donations
  • Rob needs Net Clued Lawyer, urgently
  • Rob needs help badly! – Don’t we all?
  • Rob needs to ask “What permits are required for this site to operate?”
  • Rob needs a refresher as to the meaning of perjury
  • Rob needs to get his ass in ear – One of the more amusing typo’s I’ve seen
  • Rob needs to accept that there are occasions when it’s all right for Theresa to take her time getting out the door
  • Rob needs to move his legs and he prefers to do such with a lady dance partner in his arms.
  • Rob needs to quit his crying.
  • Rob needs a kidney – Hope not!
  • Rob needs an awesome fashion radar
  • And so on.

I feel that I’ve been neglecting this space (*gestures expansively*) recently. Plans for the re-design are forming, but very very slowly. Again I re-iterate that it’ll probably take a year.
I’ve been quite busy too, capoeira and breakdancing have started up again, although now I’m doing two capoeira classes a week. I’ve also been trying to go to the gym more often too.
So yeah.

Here is a site that I think all car owners should know about: Parts gateway, they will send out a parts request to breakers around the country and you quickly get excellently priced parts listed for you. I’ve had to purchase a headlight cluster for my car, as some fool crunched the front of it while it was parked and then disapeared without leaving any insurance details (the cads!). Fortunately I found one on parts gateway for £55 including postage and packing!!
Which is good, I was expecting more like £150.

I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a ‘messy’ post, as I’m getting some of the blogging thats been building up in my mind out and cleared.
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That should cheer you up, I would guess that most posts on blogs with a heading like ‘customer service’ are complaining, but the word ‘wow’ should clear that up.

Let me explain what happened to me this morning. In my bag I have some council forms and whatnot that have to be sorted out and sent off. Among them was the form for renewing my parking permit, something that I had forgotten about. It is now three days past the deadline outlined on the letter.

I assumed I’d have to fill in forms again send of proof of ownership, proof of address. ARG! What a mistaka-to-maka.
I phone the council to explain my problem.

‘No problem’ says the cheery woman on the other end of the phone, ‘I’ll just mark on the file that you’ll be sending the form in a bit late’.
I’m almost to shocked to say thanks. The phone rang once before it was picked up, the entire conversation lasted 45 seconds. My blunder has been cleared up in less than a minute and I’m left feeling slightly less sore about the cost of council tax.

Well done to Guildford county council.