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Do you have celulite, unsightly flab, feel like you should go to the gym more often (or even at all)? Hoping for a miracle cure? That magical cream that will do what that advert promises?


Thanks to recent advancements in technology you don’t have to do anything, simply use…


Now every picture will look ten years younger, flatter stomach, fuller breasts, rounder buttocks, LOOSE THOSE WRINKLES!!

All this is possible with…

*ding* (cheesy smile)

Speed cameras on the motorway are stupid. In towns speed cameras are deffinately a good idea when well placed, but on the open motorway it is not speed that causes accidents. It is my belief that tailgating, or following too closely, is what causes accidents on the motorway.

So here is the idea, a camera that catches and fines drivers that are following too closely. Thought needs to be put into this idea however, a simple measure of distance between cars would lead to a lot of false fines during a traffic jam for example. A measure of time between cars instead would work, when learning to drive I was told of the ‘two second rule’ whereby the time between the car in front passing a stationry object by the side of the road and you passing the same object should be two seconds. With the modern cars of today and the need to be realistic about the number of people fined, I would suggest that a gap of one second should suffice for the safety camera.

So thereit is, in a nutshell. The only thing now is to think of a decent name for it. Speed camera does roll off the tongue so well.

I have had, in my time, some pretty good ideas. At least in my opinion. Now seeing as I don’t have the drive or the inclination to actually follow them through.

So the idea is to release the ideas into the world in the hope that perhaps someone else will make use or take inspiration from these thoughts.

Well it’s been quite a while since my last post!!

Some reasons that may or may not sate your desire for explinations:

My main computer is currently monitor-less as the monitor I have is all packed up ready to be exchanged under warrenty. It’s been in that state for over a week now which is really rather frustrating. Viewsonic have promised that it’ll arrive either today or tomorrow, but I must admit I’m slightly sceptical.

Changing broadband providers has not been quite as smooth as I’d hoped. The switch over happened on wednesday and I still haven’t got my new connection working. With a little luck I’ll be able to fix it this evening, now that I have apparenly vital IP addresses to enter into my router.



Spent an enjoyable weekend in Loughborough.


That about sums it up!

Yesterday I took a drive to an area called Virginia Water, with the intention of taking some photos. Picturesque place is Virginia Water. In an attempt to be prepared I took all three of my lenses. Including my super long lens. My thought was that perhaps I’d be able to take pictures of some wildlife. Seems that the wildlife of Virginia Water had a memo about this, and had constructed a plan. The plan was this.

Wait, until Rob is nearly ready.

Every rabbit and every squirrel had recieved this memo an acted on it with skill. Finding the perfect pose, in the ideal early evening light, waiting. Nibbling a nut or twitching a nose, these animals were teasing me!!!

Still, at least I had a relaxing walk.

Well last night I watched the ‘pilot’ of the hit US TV drama Lost. Although to be honest I don’t think it was a pilot in the normal sense of the word. By this I mean, they didn’t create a realistic airplane wreck with explosions and collapses, and they didn’t go out to a big ol’ jungle type island and film lots of exiting things on the offchance that it’d be taken up by a TV company.
No I think of it as more of a feature length introduction.

That’s not the point, the point is WOW I can see my self getting quickly addicted to this series!
Several times while watching I was think ‘Oh no don’t go cheese on me this is getting good’. Everytime they did NOT go cheese, instead leaving vital factors to the imagination.

What’s that? You need an example?
O.K. right at the end of the first episode you see a vauge reflection in a pool of a dead guy in a tree. The characters see it too and all look up. ‘How does something like that happen?’ Asks one of the characters (or words to that effect I can’t remember exactly).
Do they pan up to cheesy effects?

No they cut, end of episode.
What happens? Indeed what did happen? Immediately you want to know more. Genius!
Almost as genius as me making the point but without giving away any of the plot 🙂

At the weekend I encountered a spider of hideous size on the landing. This is real world by the way, not World of Warcraft.


It’s not that I’m phobic about spiders or anything, indeed up to a certain size they don’t really both me at all. However as they get bigger I get more and more apprehensive around them.
It could and probably would be argued that fearing spiders in Britain makes no sense, seeing as there are no dangerous one’s around. Even the biggest (that haven’t been imported) are pretty small in the global spider scheme of things. I don’t even have a good fearful childhood memory to justify my fear. Unlike with dogs; my dad got bitten by a dog when I was very small (roughly five if I had to guess).
Anyway, this spider. Huge. I’m talking the size of a grape. With legs that could possibly feel slightly cramped if it were at the bottom of a pint glass. (Well you think of a better way of describing it!)
I took the normal course of action, tried to sweep it up into a dustpan and throw it out the window (if you want to live and thrive and all that). Unfortunately it jumped out of the pan before I got near the window and scuttled behind a chest of draws in Mikes room (who is yet to move in).
I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and left it there, carefully closing the door behind me. It may die of starvation there. Or it may catch some moths.

I hope it catches some moths because they are really annoying. In fact I’m becoming convinced that it’s because of moths that I’ve got a large hold in the elbow of one of my favourite jumpers.
And before you leap to the defence of moths, I know that it’s not the actual moths, but the larvae they lay that eats cloths.

It’s been a damn long time coming, but I’ve finally uploaded some more pictures to my gallery. A grand total of six from the Guildford town cycle race. The best ones I think, and one more from my skiing holiday.
As always the link on the right will take you there. Enjoy!!

If you’ve got any comments about the pictures, pop them in this post ‘cos the gallery only allows users to add comments, which is damn annoying.

Looking at the ‘dashboard’ for my blog here, the number of comments I have is over double the number of posts I’ve written. While this does include comments that I’ve written this does make me feel that this blog, that started life as a random experiment, is successful.

Admittedly I don’t know the comment to post ratio of other blogs, if anyone does and wants to share, please do, I’d be very interested.

It wasn’t long ago that I was thinking that I’d like more to do at work. Just idle thoughts, thinking that with more to do I’d be less likely to get distracted. Probably more of an excuse to myself for every time that I found myself staring out the window thinking about photography. Needless to say I didn’t tell anyone about this un-natural urge to get more work.
Strangely though, by some mystical act of karma, it was only about a week later that I got more work to do, then more, then even more…

Now I’m in charge of writing the documentation, writing the software, and writing the hardware for the current project I’m on. If the idea of writing hardware confuses you then just be glad that I didn’t drop the acronym VHDL into the post! Then you would probably have to nod and smile, pretending that those letters actually mean something to you. You may perhaps start wondering why technical professions use acronyms so much and whether you can think so something amusing that VHDL might mean. It’s entirely possible that you’d have got as far as ‘Very Dangerous’ when you quickly tune back into my words to find that AHDL and RAM have also cropped up. At this point you will probably find it all too much, make some vauge excuse about a dog and leave. Quickly.
Believe me I’ve seen it happen, and that’s why I’m always a bit vauge about my job when someone asks me what I do for a living.

…It’s not that I’m complaining about having more work, in fact getting extra responsibility was one of the prominent reasons for getting a new job! That and finding a job where I actually understand what’s going on and don’t have to ask for help every day.
It’s just come as a bit of a shock!