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It must have been about a month since this happened, but better late than never.

I was making my sandwiches for work in the evening in the normal manner, (bread, butter, filling, you know the drill) when my housemates came back from one of their performances. One of them asked me what I was doing (duh). Then proceded to exclaim ‘You don’t need four slices of bread’ or something along those lines.

Now bear in mind that I’ve been making sandwiches for work for a hell of a long time now. I was pretty incensed, how dare she tell me how much I should eat etc etc rant and so on.

A few days later however I was curious, “it is hot hot summer after all, perhaps I don’t need ‘four‘ slices of bread” I thought.
So in a daring experiment I tried just two slices of bread. Expecting to come home hungry and vindicated.

Strange thing is, it made no difference at all.
I mean at all
No more hungry, no more tired, no loss of weight (a good thing in my case). Nothing.

Mysterious… really makes me want to know where the hell those other two slices of bread were going.

Just recently I had a bit of a problem in my mouth. Some kind of swelling near the back where you might expect wisdom teeth to be. To take action against this I brushed my teeth more thoroughly.
This seemed to work. I was also tempeted to start using mouthwash but didn’t.

Here is my question: Do you use mouthwash?
Do you actually notice the difference and if so in what way. If it’s merely a fresher breath experience then I’ll probably not bother, but if you find that you get noticably cleaner teeth I may well have to give it a go.
Also if you don’t use mouthwash, why not?

It is a question I was going to pose to my friends but I thought I’d open it up to the wider forum that is the internet (or my friends but without the cost of a phone call).

As I mentioned earlier, my laptop now works. Credit goes to my dad for finding the answer to the problem and I feel compelled to explain it here as apparently the answer is very difficult to find.
At the moment I don’t know where the solution is, if I did then I would link to it (if you know, let me know).

So, enough beating around the bush, to the explanation.

First, the problem:
When pressing the power button on the laptop, the power light comes on for about two seconds, then the hard disk light flashes and the power light goes off. No booting, no whir of fans, nothing.

The solution:
You need new RAM, the old stuff has packed up. Quite a simple solution really.

My excuse for not finding this out is that before my laptop ‘died’ it was having hard drive problems, so of course I assumed that was the problem when it stopped working. The fact that it didn’t even get into the BIOS and no longer displayed the helpful ‘Boot device not found’ message should really have alerted me to further possibilities.

Truth be told I was kinda looking for a good excuse to build a spangly new machine anyway. Now I’ve got the best of both worlds!!

… well, nothing really.
I had hoped to celebrate my expected return to blogging with an insightful, interesting and stimulating post on why 666 is considered ‘the number of the beast’.

Well after a bit of searching around it seems that this well know ‘fact’ is actually the most tenuous half-reference you could imagine. Infact I hereby demote the fact to ‘mumbo jumbo’.

There are I think three references to the number 666 in the bible (if several different websites are to be believed). Two describe the devils size (60 cubics high and 600 pounds or some such), and the otherone has something to do with someones sons.
People that care are even beginning to think that the devils number is in fact 616.

There are some numerology websites that suggest 777 is gods number (seven is good for some reason) and therefore 666 is the number of a imperfect man (being one short on all accounts).
‘If thats the case then sign me up’ I say, seeing as the expectation of being anything other than imperfect is not something I could bear.

So, not insightful, probably not interesting and highly unlikely to be stimulating.

At least the only way is up!!!

Well my new computer is build, and controversially, my old one is fixed.
So with luck blogging output can increase.

Although the onset of World of Warcraft addiction may slow the trend.

Also software and hardware configurations still need to be finalised on both machines.

But, not long now!!

Well it had to happen eventually. Both my writting about it and the actual event itself I suppose.
I have to admit that hearing about the terrorist attacks in London was quite a strange experience for me, at the time it just seemed slightly surreal and that was about it. The reality of the event was not really at that moving for me, people die all the time and harsh as it may sound, I treated this event in the same way that I treat many world problems: Mild indifference.

Then however, a change occured, on my way home from work. Instead of listening my my usual musicall selection I was listening to radio 4. The descriptions of the seemingly smooth operation of the emergency sevices plans for such events stired something in me. A sense of pride I suspect. National pride. At the way the British people coped with the explosions.

That was what moved me, not the horror of the event itself but the reaction to the event by the people involved in the event. This is, I think, the first time that a major historical event has occured and the internet has been a major source of information (for me anyway). Of course there are all the usual news sites and they are pretty much the same as reading the paper or watching the news, only quicker. But add to that the more personal accounts, un-edited and bluntly frank in their accounts, these blog entries were a totally different way off looking at the event.
This is an excellent example, so good infact that I found it through the bbc news website. Reading it you get a brief glimpse into the atmosphere of the blitz, or more specifically ‘the blitz spirit’.
Some excellent quotes from this account (in my opinion) I have coppied here, although I would strongly recommend you read the whole thing yourself.

Silence decended on the carriage apart from people choking and coughing, then someone near me quipped, “Well, at least we got the Olympics!”

I called work, told them my train had exploded and said I was covered in all this black, icky stuff, so I was going home to get a bath. They said, “So we’ll see you around lunchtime, then?” Yeah. Right.


Well as you can imagine I’m quite busy in my new job, getting to know people and code and systems and whatnot.
Appologies for not updating but as I said, my home computer is dead. Plans are already well underway to replace it (with a desktop this time) but they won’t be put into action until the girls I live with move out and I move into a larger room. Hopefully this should happen in about 2-3 weeks.

Any worries that my job would be a sedentry desk job have been laid to waste by this simple fact. My coding/compiling computer is upstairs, and the target that runs the code is downstairs. For all the non-coders out there this means that to make the slightest change to the code I have to go upstairs, change the code, then go back downstairs and re-test it.
Even if this means changing a 5 to a 4, a flight of stairs will be involved.

So everythings going well, I do plan to continue the holiday recounting, but probably after I’ve got my computer sorted out.