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A hint for you on modern day etiquette:
If you notice that someone near you is smelling noticably of moisturiser, the comment ‘You’re smelling moist today’ will NOT go down well.

Regardless of the circumstances.

Trust me.

Local Links section now available in the menu bar to your right ->.
At the moment all the styles are a terrible mish-mash at the moment, but I have a re-design forming in my head and it should be along in the next…. year.

So look forward to that.

I should have blogged about this when it happened, but I’ve been suffering from a blogging malaise recently.

But still, godd news everyone! I’ve got my new driving licence!!!

Of course it’s not actually valid yet but it’s quite a load off to actually have it in my hands (or wallet). I was a bit worried about postage, not know how they (the DVLA) were going to time the sending of it.

So, things are going well 🙂

Stupid online shopping.

I suppose I have myself to blame, the fact that I know my credit card number off-by-heart pretty much nullifies the cunning and clever leave-it-at-home-anti-spending-plan. I said ‘off-by-heart’ on purpose, because memorised implies intent and I honestly didn’t set out to learn my credit card details for internet shopping…

So I guess I’ll have to take my photography a bit more seriously.
Why you ask?
Well yesterday in a fit of enthusiasm for the upcoming move to a bigger room in the house (August), I was doing a bit of research into the prospect of getting a new computer to celebrate the existance of a desk. Doing the build in stages seems to be a good idea purely from a financial point of view. Although this does mean that at some point during the process I’ll have a swanky new case with nothing in it, but thats beside the point.

The first stage of the process I logically decided would be to get a decent screen, this can be used on my laptop until the rest of the new machine is complete. And well if I’m going to get a new monitor I may as well look into the price of those calibration doo-dars.
Whats that, they’re how much… well in that case…

Before you know it, the order is placed for a Spyder 2 monitor calibration device. It has yet to arrive, or even be dispatched. If there is anyone in the Guildford area that wants an ICC profile for their monitor (windows 2000 or XP only)… tenner a go.

At some point in the future I may even get round to adding a contact page to this site so you can actually email me with interest.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been looking for a new job over the last few months. I have actually had four interviews of which two are no go’s and two are as yet undecided (either that or the recruitment agents haven’t told me about the rejections – a distinct possibility).
Before going to one of my more recent interviews the recruitment agent sent me a list of possible interview questions and recommended answers (or at least the form your answers should take).

One in particular caught my eye:
Question: Are you a leader?
Suggested answer: Yes, (give examples)

Immediate flashback to an earlier interview
Questioner: Do you see yourself as a leader?
Me: No I’m more of a follower …


Although having said that I do feel that this is pretty much the truth and lying in an interview’s not going to get you anywhere.

I had a thought for a new computer game.
There are plenty of assassin style games out there, the lone hitman faced with the challenge of taking out the mark and getting away clean. ‘Hitman-47’ is a good example that I’ve actually played.

So I thought, what about a game from the other perspective?
You take the possition of the body guard, or security expert or whatever you want to call it. Start off small with minor dignitaries and you as the soul bodyguard. Could work up to being in charge of mulitple team members and security procedures at events.

The game could have different paths, do you become an offical bodyguard, with the hope of ending up protecting the president or someone high up like that, or do you go and work for the mob working your way up to protect the mob boss. Perhaps even you’d become a private bodyguard, working for rich people or singers/actors, that kind of area.

Lots of opportunities for very cool stuff, just need someone to take the idea and do it.

Since starting this blog I have been remarkably low on Jam, something that I have in the past been regularly associated with. It occured to me that perhaps having a category called ‘Jam’ albeit unfilled was a partial cause for this jamless state.
So when I logged in today, I did so with the aim of appeasing lady luck and deleting the offending category. Thus demonstrating my lack of assumption, my recognition and my thankfulness for any jam that happens to pass my way. Only problem was that upon going to the relelvant management page I discovered that the offending category had already been removed.
Perhaps I will now have to get used to the idea of living without Jam.
Or maybe it’s all being stored up for a very special occasion.

*Jam is used in this instance as ‘Rob slang’ for luck

I went swimming yesterday for the first time in about eight years. I was a bit worried. Would it be like riding a bike? There was a possibility that I’d just sink because why isn’t the phrase ‘Just like swimming’?

Cutting through the water with ease, one of the lifeguards calls me over and asks if I’ve had lessons, I reply that I haven’t and in fact this is my first time swimming in many years. His exclamation of surprise is almost as gratifying as his insistance that I’m a natural and should train with the goal of getting on the local swim team.

… I imagined as I walked to the leisure complex.
Unfortunately the reality was huffing and puffing, stuggling along, occational fear of drowning and realizing that I was one of the slowest swimmers in the ‘slow lane’.
Good exercise though, I’m going to try and make it a weekly thing. Hopefully after a while I’ll even be able to do an entire length of front crawl!

It’ll all be a lot easier once I get some goggles, I reason to myself, then I’ll be able to go into ‘speedy position’. Head down, body straight, it’ll make the whole thing easier because holding my head up so high was obviously the main reason I was finding things so hard….


For some reason I woke dog tired today. Even though I’d had a very sound night of sleep. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed a very faint line running across my lower abdomen. It looked a little like a scar, and if I didn’t have such pale skin I don’t think I would have noticed it.
Also there was a small square bald patch on my lower thigh.
This is very weird. Now I’m not the kind of person to get up and start shouting about abduction without good reason but it has given me pause for thought.
I’ll keep you posted of any further developments on the situation.