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Well, if you remember, earlier this year was the first time that I decided to do something about valentines day. Could be argued that it was the first year I had an opportunity to do anything about it, i.e. a subitable woman that I know well enough to randomly give gifts to without worrying about accusation of stalking or being weird or what have you.
Anyway back to the point.
The promise of the date never actually materialised, even after she left the company (was a thing for some reason, very complicated so I won’t try to expalin) which was a bit of a disapointment. Overly protective brother was a possible cause of this, or at least some kind of excuse. Personally I don’t know what to think about that so I won’t.

After I got back from skiing it seemed that she was ignoring me completely. I came up with the rather dubious idea of calling every day and telling her about my day via voicemail. Until she either told me to bugger off or responded.

Tonight was the first night, and she texted me right back.
Sorry she just missed the call, and she’s coming back to the company to work, next week….

Well this is a very interesting turn of events. I’m still doing to try and call tomorrow and I have a sneaky suspicion that she’ll ‘miss’ that call too, but we’ll see.
Next week is going to be VERY interesting.

I will certainly keep you informed.

A few days ago I gave into retail therapy, online. The problem with this method of retail therapy is that you have to wait for the delivery. The delivery was prompt yesterday but no one was in, the delivery office is closed today being a bank holiday. This means I have to wait until tomorrow to get my spangly and exiting new 1gig flash mp3 player.

I’ll go into more detail on its features when I get it.

Seems that finding a new job is taking a lot longer this time than last time. Which is a shock, pervious experience (on my part) would suggest that it takes no longer than two weeks to get a new job. Not so, it’s been a long time now… two months maybe?
Not that I pay that much attention to the march of time, but hey.

I’ve got an interview on Tuesday which is hopeful, I had an interview last Tuesday but the position didn’t seem to be quite what I was looking for.

In unrelated news, fingers are crossed, wood is being touched (not like that) and other superstitious rites are being followed in the hope that ‘Coley is allowed to stay in Britain.

See sense, damn imigration, ‘Coley’s great!

The skiing holiday in the south of france was fantastic, and there are many stories I wish to share with you. All in good time though, this is just a quick update to say ‘hello’.

I’m back, skiing was good, although I have some bruises, some of which are truly huge.

I know you’re not all that interested in my life in general, just in my thoughts, my mind. So I’ll keep this brief.
Not just some half-decent sleep but also a good hearty meal and a restful evening did me a world of good last night. I’m off to France on Sunday for the week so it’s quite unlikely that I’ll be able to blog during this time.
I will however hopefully be blogging between now and then, even though work is hectic busy right now.

And ye, for several days the man known as ‘Rob’ had not blogged. Desolation and dispare wept into the hearts and minds of the avid readers. Despondency reduced the web traffic to a crawl and comments fell into oblivion.

But ‘Rob’, entity and person, was in good spirits and largely good health. Minor complaints affected his body, but irrational exuberance was low. “Sleep is the answer!” cried the masses, and correct they were in the mass diagnosis.
And lo, at the advent of evening; ‘Rob’, man and scholor, will retire to bed at a good and proper hour, with enriching and long sleep to follow.

It is hoped that this will restore enthusiasm and give vim and vigor to ‘Rob’, may he rest in peace – and wake refreshed.

Well, I can write, just about. Although I do have to be careful and I can’t write quickly or for a long time. Luckily at the moment I’m not having to do any writing at work!
Also of course I would mainly be using the computer if I were.

I am planning at the moment to get a wrist support type thing from Tesco this evening, before I go out for a drink with my future housemates (the guys that will be moving in for the next academic year).

Well on Saturday while I was a liiittle bit drunk, I managed to sprain my wrist.
Breakdancing in the street isn’t the way to go.
Anyway, so it’s quite painful. And being a complete wus when it come to pain I’m having a hard time with it. Fortunately many different people seem to be of the opinion that it won’t affect my skiing holiday, which is a relief!

It is however making work quite a challenge, I’m working on very small and fiddly stuff so having greatly reduced dexterity in my left hand is making things difficult.
I’ve not even tried to write with it yet, perhaps an update for you to look forwards to in the future.

As you may have noticed that my enthusiasm for blogging as slacked a little bit over the last week. This I think is either becasue of the cold weather, or more likely, my recent battle with a cold.
As in runny nose sore throat cold. I’m not single handedly taking on the forces of winter in an epic battle spanning many continents.

I just noticed the word for today:

bibacious: Overly fond of drinking.

Mmmm, more than one person I know could be described with this word 😉