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This is another link in the vein of “Poor fat people”. This time the article (well written, phychology today, all very good) is about the overprotective nature of modern parents.
A nation of wimps is a long but very interesting read and kinda makes me appreciate how good my parents have been at bringing me up, even if they may not think that themselves 🙂

It also points out several things that I’ve often thought of as being ‘bad ideas’, like taking that crap picture done by ‘johnny junior’ and putting it with an exaggerated and false air of pride on the front of the refridgerator. (with magnets of course).
Children need to make their own mistakes and parents need to give them the space to do that.

Well I’m sitting in my office, on my tea break, trying to think of positive and ‘Rob-like’ things to write in christmas cards that have an increasingly improbably chance of getting to their intended recipients on time.

Where’s the christmas spirit that was with me only a few short weeks ago?
Well at least it’s only two more working days until I actually do go home for christmas (I can’t wait)…

Well to all those who can reasonably expect a card, sorry. They’re probably going to arrive late :S

When was the last time you played cops and robbers?
For me the last time I remember playing it was in primary school, I must have been 7 or 8 years old. Now I think there should be an adult revival of these simple and childish type games, lots of good clean fun and also good excercise!
In fact it would be great to start a childsplay club, where ‘tag’, ‘it’, cops and robbers, hide and seek and other such games are played by a group of like minded adults… it would be great fun. Honest!

Just look at the tremendous fun had as a result of pillow fight club. And the strange appeal of the whole mobile clubbing experience!

If I could get into London in time for this fun I can’t deny that I would be extremely tempted. Although I would have to get a new pillow as mine probably a bit too firm for this kind of fun.

Come to think of it I should get a new pillow anyway.

Well thanks to AuthImage my comment spam has gone from a minimum of 40 a day to nothing over night!

I am dead chuffed by this and hope that the spammers don’t find a way round this, or at least realise that the effort involved really isn’t worth it for my little site here.

Try Keyball a fun way of improving your keyboard skills, try not to get addicted…
no seriously

Looks like Dubai is going to become the holiday destination of choice for building enthusiasts and curious structural engineers. They are shortly to begin building a stupidly tall building and by stupidly tall I mean 5 meters short of half a mile…
Now I don’t know about you but that is actually a scary figure to be associated with hight!
To be completed in 2008, so I know where I’ll be going on holiday sometime after that!

I’ve just finished reading the rather interesting, if quite long, article called The way we eat now. It’s all about the increasingly alarming ‘fat’ epidemic hitting the USA. It’s from the harvard magazine so it’s from the American perspective. If you’ve got a free half-hour I’d recomend it as an informative read, if you don’t have half an hour free, well make time damnit, its not like reading this is mega important!

Anyway, one of my thoughts from reading this is that the general British and European opinion which goes along the general lines of ‘Yeah fat Americans, they deserve what they get’. This opinion is worryingly short sighted, simply for the reason that the figures seem to point out that we are rapidly following the same road to potential disaster.
I am in a fortunate position in that I don’t have any kind of health problem, and neither do any of my friends (and coincidentaly the majority of my readers…:P ) but it’s still something that I find concerning for the general population.

Live healthy people, it may not be cool in some cases, but then again neither is being really, really fat.

p.s. No spam today, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too early.

Well I decided to do a bit more about comment spamming when I was greeted by 195 comments that needed moderation due to being caught by the blacklist plugin, so I’ve added a very cool little plugin (which isn’t so cool to install) which may, with luck, quell the uprising.

The most annying thing about the spam is the fact that the links don’t actually go to a real site, so its just a rather massive waste of time. Makes me pretty angry and the only words to describe the people that do this rhymes with bucking fastards.

Anyway, hopefully the authimage plugin will come to my rescue. Damn clever little thing if it actually works 🙂

It seems that the ‘make love not spam’ site was only suffering a temporary glitch and is now back up and running again!

If you can’t install the screensaver (please do, its great!) there’s an ‘annoy a spammer’ button on the site, so you could just sit and click that for five minutes a day…

Every little helps!

Well people still insist on putting comment spam on my little blog here, not quite sure why they bother to be honest, it’s only the posts that are about a month old or more that they spam, and no-one reads them (I assume).
It is quite irritating as they keep changing the URL that they use to post so my blacklisting plugin constantly needs updating.
I’d like to try finding or writing some kind of whitelist plugin, but I don’t have the time right now.

Still, everything else is good, very good infact 🙂