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I am now the proud installer of the make love not spam screensaver by lycos. The idea of this is very appealing, when your computer goes into screensaver mode, it will make random requests to sites that are advertised by spam. The idea being to completely cain their bandwidth. Figures are something along the lines of 8MB of bandwidth consumed per screensaver, so if enough people get the screensaver these sites with their less than agreeable advertising techniques will have to pay for gigabytes of bandwidth per day.
Hopefully they’ll get the message and stop using spam mail.

Rise up! Gentle reader, fight the terror of spam!

Well as you have probably noticed, I haven’t blogged for fecking ages. I’d like to think this is for a damn good reason, and in a way it is:
I’ve been damn busy with stuff, and when I get home hanging out with housemates keeps me away from the computer (not a bad thing in my book!).
So lets update as to what I’ve been upto; I went to Cambridge last weekend and met with Andy and Greig, which was a very enjoyable weekend, also got to see Vorn again (which is always good) and somehow offended my back. You may be wondering what I mean by offended… we it’s kind of a very very minor injury, to the upper back. I think it happened when I slept on Greigs hardwood floor when a bit drunk. Its a strange sensation, its a bit like having a stitch but between my shoulders, but not all the time, only if I twist or have to breath very deeply. So anyway, hopefully that’ll fix itself in time. I also managed to insult my lower back at breakdancing on tuesday so I am being fairly careful about sitting and lying and the like.
I can’t have another guitar lesson until the new year now, which is a bit dissapointing but at least I have a good book to try and work through now!
Hosemates are getting stressed with end of term shows and stuff, and I’m in an end of term show too which is a bit scary, doing some breakdancing. Hopefully I’ll do a better job than my last dancing show effort (bit of an in-joke for you there).
But life is pretty good, I’m certainly not complaining at being busy!
I’m hoping to apply for a new job by the end of this weekend, and I’m off to meet Matt in London tonight… those two objectives are slightly opposed but hopefully I’ll manage it!
Well I’d better sign off, got many things to do!!

This pretty much sums up the majority of my funny stories.
[update]:And this.
Also a pretty good web comic [sinfest] for those that would enjoy (PETE).

In my previous post I talked about Lemsip and to find that list of symptoms they ‘help’ you with I had a quick look at their website; while closing down the page after finishing my post I noticed the tag line to their main page:

Let’s get on with life

To be quite honest my immediate response to that attitude is ‘No, let’s sit down and be sensible’ quickly followed up by ‘Get to bed’.
Just thought I’d share that with you 🙂

My nose drips, my throat is sore, I sneeze for an occupation and my eyes are ichy. I think I’m dying!
This was my reaction (being a standard guy) last week when I caught ‘a bit of a cold’. In my defence it wasn’t just a bit of a cold, it was a full blown cold, with slightly above average temperature and everything!
As is so often the case, the major sympoms of this hit at the weekend. I had an inkling to my possible predicament on thursday, and being fairly organised for once, I put some Lemsip in with my pack-lunch for work on friday. This was a lifesaver.
However I was slightly put off by the claims on the box for Lemsip, they went something along these lines:

Headaches [tick]
Aches and Pains [tick]
Runny nose [tick]

Now seeing the funny side of most things I noted that this could easily be mis-read to be claiming to give you these symptoms.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have looked at these in this light, because, sure enough after leaving work and getting to the train for my trip down to my parents I had; a headache (fairly normal with a cold), a runny nose (a staple of a cold), and an aching lower back. Now this was the worry bubble for me, you see I’ve never, in all my 24 years of life on this planet, experienced aches and pains as being a symptom of a cold. And to top it all off I had a sore throat too!
This was something that led me to believe that perhaps the criminal masterminds at lemsip had made their ‘Cold and flu’ hot drink powder give you all these problems. Exactly as it claims on the packet. PLUS of course the sore throat, thus tempting you to ‘upgrade’ to the new and more expensive product in their line.
Very suspicious indeed!
So be careful out there gentle reader, somethings could well be EXACTLY as they appear!

Also in my humble opinion its much better to ‘stop and flop’ when stricken with a cold than trying to drug yourself up and power through.

*It is very probable that this is all rubbish ramblings by Rob and Lemsip is not run by criminal masterminds [I have to put this is because I never got round to writing a disclaimer about humour and opinion]

The ‘Recent cool stuff’ section of my links isn’t working properly, much to my annoyance, so I’ll just quickly blog about these two sites I’ve found.
The first is mildly interesting, it’s an anonymous online confessions service, where anyone can look at whats been ‘confessed’, but you don’t know who said it. Some are fairly shocking but most are just normal. It’s an interesting thing to read to pass the time if yu’re bored and also helps the vast majority of us realise that our lives aren’t that bad and we aren’t as screwed up as we thought we were. The address is rather nice too:

Now the next site I’ll mention is just plain fantastic, as can quickly be deduced from the address: [things-my-girlfriend-and-I-have-argued-about].
This guys humour is not just up my street, its standing outside my door bearing gifts in the form of chocolate covered treats. This I discovered this lunch time, and since then have decided must be only read with an empty mouth.
Not that it was a total disaster, but I narrowly avoided the embarrassing situation of spraying a partly masticated sandwhich all over, and in the vicinity of, my computer. This wouldn’t have been a cause of embarrassment simply becasue of the mess. No, It would also have been awkward when relating the particular passage that tickled me so, knowing full well that it would have been greeted with – at best – luke walm chuckles, and at worst blank stares, from the rest of the office.
If you’re that curious the section in question was as follows:

The Terror Of Lids: Yes, the rewards are high, but it’s a game where the price of defeat is savage. Sometimes Margret, after grunting with it herself for a collection of ‘hnggh’s, will hand me a bottle or a jar that has a screw top along with an impatient, ‘Open that for me.’ If the gods lie content in the skies above England at that moment, then what follows is a rapid flick of my wrist, a delightful ‘click-fshhhh’ gasp of surrender, and my handing the thing back to her FEELING LIKE A HERO OF NORSE LEGEND.

It of course goes on to tell of how this is so rarely the case.

Having a program called Urchin hidden in the background of this website is rather cool for the reason that it tells me what search terms people used that resulted in a hit to Some are fairly predictable, ‘Silly tasks’, ‘Random ock’, ‘the health benifits of apples’ and things along those lines that could be quite easily related to this site.
However some of the other searches that have lead here really do highlight how far search technology has yet to go. For example:
‘Pictures of a dogs reproductive system’… Or ‘Striptease classes’? Well these people were quite obviously disappointed when they clicked on the link to this site. In some ways this makes me feel slightly guilty, I feel that I should have some kind of disclaimer ‘If you came to this site via a search engine it’s quite probable that there is nothing of interest to you’ or something along those lines.
There was a stage when I was tempted to take ideas for my posts from the searches that led here. There was a good example of this when a search that led here was for ‘endorphins in exercise’, or something similar, because this is something that I know a bit about and would be interested in finding out more.
Well as you can see I have yet to do anything along these lines, partly because of the close relation it seems to have with stable doors and a definate lack of horses.

Recently I’ve not been on the net very much at all… And it occured to me as I was reading one of the many blogs that I’m slowly becoming bored of, some of these people seem to spend a stupidly large amount of time on the net looking about for ‘stuff’.
Of course the alarm bells of hiporcrisy should be ringing because I have spent lots of time online in the past, and probably will do again in the future (say when the uni breaks up for holidays and classes like breakdancing aren’t on any more). Now where’s all this talk leading?
Well good question. This sudden outbreak of Real Life means that, on the plus side I’m out in the Real World, meeting Real People and the like, the downside is that some of my good friends that I can only keep in contact with via the internet (for various reasons) are missing out. In fact I’m missing out too, I’m not trying to say that these relationships aren’t two way or anything…
The problem I think with leading a balanced lifestyle – or trying to – is fitting everything in, time is precious and other great words like that.

… I seem to have lost the plot of this post a bit…

If I find it again I’ll do a bit of hack and slash editing.
Until then you can worry about my sanity and suggest that I get more sleep (which I really should).