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The end draws near of a pretty hectic week, but a good week, a cultural week even.
Chicago was fantastic, Jennifer Ellison was supprisingly good! Although her liverpudlian accent did slip through on a few occasions (like), she definately did a good job as Roxie Hart. The only disappointment in the show from my perspecive was the complete lack of tap-dancing… I was promised tap-dancing damnit!
Anyway that was very enjoyable, got back at about half-past midnight though. Tiring.
Robert and Elizabeth on Tuesday was fantastic, it’s always amazing to see friends putting on a stella performance… Even if the musical was a bit long winded the performance was thoroughly enjoyable!
So one more to go, Balm In Gilead this evening, and I’ll definately be having a bit of a lie in tomorrow!

This week it seems will be an unusually cultured affair for me, I’ve got Robert & Elizabeth the musical on Tuesday, Chicago [not Chicargo as previously posted] on Wednesday and Balm in Gilead on Friday.
This unfortunately also means its going to be a rather expensive week but with the magic of the credit card it won’t start to hurt until next month some time. You may be wondering why all the theatrics, well the fact of living with three [beautiful] actresses kinda has a lot to do with it, (they’re in the Tuesday and Friday deals) and it just happened by coincidence that I’m going with my cousin to Chicargo in London. Which I’m really looking forwards to, I’m trying to make sure that I make full use of living so close to the city as I know its very easy not to.

Badgers and Marmalade
And good night.

Well I was rather shocked this morning to check my email and find that comment spam is finding its way to my little corner of the internet. To be honest I thought that blogs had to be around for a lot longer and be more popular before this kind of thing happened, as you can see I’ve only been blogging for 3 months and 7 days, and I have a readership of approximately 4, all of whom are my friends (hi guys:)). This whole spam thing is rather rude but at least the content of the comments is sometimes rather good:

  • No one can be perfectly free till all are free; no one can be perfectly moral till
    all are moral; no one can be perfectly happy till all are happy.
  • Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole
    existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of
    setting man free from men.
  • Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts
    is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house.

I’ve installed a spam blacklister, this should hopefully let me moderate the comments before they come through, but let my reader base comment as normal (all four of you).
Who knows, if I get enthusiastic enough I may but a ‘random spam words of wisdom’ section in the side menu, that’d be like a quote for the day kinda thing.
It is unlikely but still, it’s also an idea.

Well, I upgraded the stats counter (behind the scenes stuff) to 0.4.4, which didn’t go quite according to plan. It was failing to record any visits after the upgrade so I decided to set the BBC_DEBUG flag so I could see what ever messages were coming up. Unfortunately I accidently set the BBC_KILL_STATS flag first time round… and incase you can’t guess that means that all the previous visiting information has been wiped.
On the positive side I did get the counter working again (was a file that hadn’t copied across properly) and there is still a different counter supplied by united hosting which still works and has all the stats.
So not really that much of a problem, I’m just glad I didn’t blunder with something more important!

I hope you keep an eye on the ‘Recent cool stuff’ section of my links bar as I try to update this with, well with recent cool stuff I’ve found. I try to update this fairly often, the most recent cool link to make the grade is, a UK based dance CD music specailist. I know at least one person that’ll be interested in this link 😉

Todays challenge (or whenever you happen to read this post) is this:
You have to use the phrase ‘Well I couldn’t eat a whole one’ at the earliest oportunity.

For example:

Random:Do you like children?
You:Well I couldn’t eat a whole one.

Have fun!

Well I watched this film on DVD at the weekend, very good but also rather twisted!
Using excellent cinematography it shows the bad side of drugs and how they can really F88K UP people’s lives. Some of the bad trip scenes really put over how confusing and terrifying these kind of things can get, in a much better way than Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas did (thats also a damn good film though).
Put me off drugs for life, although admittedly I’ve kept them at a safe distance anyway, but hey 🙂

A good film, I was hoping for a much more insightful opinion but my brain is not cooperating at this moment.
Has Jennifer Connelly as one of the stars, not really all that important appart from the fact that I thought I recognised her from somewhere. Turns out she was in ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Labyrinth’ and The Hulk (probably where I recognised her from) and she has no relation to Billy Connelly, the well known stand up.

Well, looking back over some of my posts, I noticed that not only am I terrible with spelling mistakes, typos and grammar mistakes in general, but also, I have completely failed to follow my own advice.
In this post I stated that I would blog more about my thoughts than my actions… Well I’ve blatantly failed to do that, I also recal tempting fate by suggesting I’d share my comic genius with the world (couldn’t find that post, and also ‘Yeah right!’).
So where does that leave me?
Well I have had ideas for random and hopefully humerous diversions, but I’ve not had the time or been in the right frame of mind when I do have the time… you’ll see what I’m on about if it ever happens.
As for blogging my thoughts: Seems I haven’t had many of those recently. Hopefully soon though!

On a completely separate note, I’m off on a pub crawl with ‘the students’ tonight (yay!) and its pissing down with rain (boo!).

I have a new housemate now, which means I am now living with three beautiful women, which is always nice. More importantly though they are really nice and easy to get on with.
Dan has yet to return my DVDs, but fortunately if he doesn’t then I can get the money from his depost. At the moment I’m missing seven DVD’s and one box set, and charging £20 per DVD and £50 for the box set means I’ll be getting £190 if he doesn’t bring them back.
Which of course leaves me almost hoping that he doesn’t.
Then again it would be a fair amount of hastle to buy them all again, not to mention a complete waste of my time…

Well what can you do about these things?
Anyway, the atmosphere in the house is really good right now and I’m meeting loads of nice people through breakdancing and capoeira, and they’re keeping me busy and active.
So life’s look pretty good for me at the moment ! 🙂

I have recently finished reading a book about punctuation. Now you may be thinking that this is quite possibly the dullest subject imaginable, but Eats, Shoots & Leaves (book of the year 2004) is a good read being humerous, light, and informative.
When I was at school, all those years ago, I didn’t get any lessons in grammar or punctuation, not that I remember anyway. This book has highlighted how little I actually know about the subtleties of english grammar. I have, thankfully, been able to pick up most of the basics from copious amounts of reading, but this has still left me quite wise in the art of proper punctuation and grammar.
“Wise?” I hear you ask, well if you accept the idea that wisdom is knowing that you know nothing, then yes, I am very wise.
While considering this fact on the train a thought struck me; if being wise means knowing you know nothing, surely wise people are also pretty negative?
Perhaps there should be proactive wisdom where you might say: ‘I know I know nothing and I’m going to do something about’, a scholarly wisdom if you like.
There would also be, I suppose, lethargic wisdom, where your thoughts would stray more along these lines: ‘I know I know nothing and I’m going to watch TV’, where you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are unlikely to learn anything from television and if anything remotely educational comes on then you can quickly change the channel.
I like to thing that I am proactively wise, although I must admit this activity is restricted to subjects that grab my attention.
What kind of wisdom do you have?
Are you wise at all for that matter?

Notice how I’m trying to insight a lively debate of sorts.

Feel free to correct my grammar and punctuation, it’s the only way I’ll learn. 🙂