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Well things have been pretty busy for me recently so I haven’t really had time or in fact inclination to blog. Strangely this lack of blogging on my part has left me feeling slightly guilty. So here is an update on what I’ve been doing for the past six days:

  • Weekend: Went home to see my parents and have a guitar lesson (both were good, although I caught some kind of one-day-cold).
  • Monday: Work (damn), then a quick tea. Went to try out a street dance lesson which wasn’t quite a beginner as I’d been hoping (hopelessly lost). One of the guys who was also hopelessly lost advised myself and another guy (don’t know either of their names) and myself that he was going to check out the breakdancing class. Well I thought ‘why not’ and am now signed up as it was great fun :). If you are confused by this random class changing then I must explain that these are courses run on the university campus and thus the first week of lessons is free to try.
  • Tuesday:Left work early to try out a different Tai Ch’i class as my class of choice was cancelled due to low numbers. Was a bit strange, I don’t think I’ll be going back. After that there was a mad rushed walk across Guildford to get to the breakdance society meeting to sign up. We meet every week in some hall somewhere (need more detail really) to practice moves and generally hang out and socialise. Sounds pretty damn good to me! Also there’s going to be a pub crawl next thurday, which is always the best way to get to know people.
  • Yesterday:Although I didn’t have anything to actually do on this day, somehow it got filled rather quickly, but I did manage to change my bed, something thats been put off for far too long.

Well thats that, and now I go back to work 🙂
ps Also planned long weekend trip to see Denyer and the loughborough crew, which will be good.

According to this job predictor website, my idea job is a Chef, I’m sure some of you are going to have much more amusing ideal jobs.
Try it out and leave a comment 🙂

Well for quite a while now Amy over at contentious has been banging on about how great Furl is.
First time I looked at it and what it did I was sceptical and so didn’t bother with it, same the second time. But now I’ve actually managed to find out a bit more about it, by actually reading a bit more of the site, I’m well impressed.
The basic idea seems to be that you can save a bookmark in an online archive, rather than in your bookmarks. Well why on earth would you want to do that I hear you cry, well for me its really rather cool.
Imagine it you will that its nearing the end of my tea break, I don’t have enough time to blog but I’ve just come across an interesting article or link or something that has triggered an idea for a blog.
What do I do?
Well I used to have to bookmark it or email the link and hope that the spark of creativity would remain until I next had time to blog (can be quite a while as you may have noticed). But no, with Furl, I just click a button in my toolbar, the link is added to my online archive under a category, and along with any notes I may wish to add, ready for access.
Another thing that makes it rather useful is that you can see what other people are adding to their archives, which seems like it could be a good source of inspiration 🙂

A list of good freeware alternatives to commonly pirated software is a good example 🙂

Verdict so far:
Could be good !

I just entered my name into google in the hope that it would bring up this site.
Unfortunately the first hit on the list was Brickfest 2004… whatever that is.
I wasn’t even on the second page of results!
The problem is the number of ‘Roberts’ in the American town of ‘Malvern’, which is in Arkansas state. And of course there is the Malvern Hills in the UK.
Obviously with them being named after my family we must own them !!!

It makes sense!

Aug 23 – Sep 22
A voyage into the unknown awaits you, as the feds discover the physical location of your MP3 server and you have to escape into the nearby mountains.

From BBSpot

And someone came to my site on a search for countup+php+months, I’m thinking maybe I should get my ass in gear, write a little readme type thing and get my script out there… it seems to be working fine for me!

Reading an interesting article on burning birds site about blogging popularity got me to thinking about the popularity of my site, which isn’t all that great.
Not that I’m complaining, not in the slightest. When I first started out (yep all 2 months ago) I went on a bit of a rampage getting my blog on all the pinging lists and whatnot… however, now that I’ve calmed down from the initial excitement I must admit that I’d rather get my content to a level of quality that I’m happy with before shouting from the rooftops again. (and yes that includes my spelling mistakes)
There have been some interesting comments about link exchanging on blog sites and I generally have this attitude:
I’ll link to what I think is good, and I expect others to do the same, being linked to on someones site ‘just because I’m linking them’ seems really stupid to me.
Which is why I’ve yet to inform the blogs that I link to about my existance. Like I said before, I’d rather get the quality and identity of this blog sorted out before telling people about it.
Life’s not always a popularity contest, and if it is then being popular for the ‘right’ reasons will always give you a better feeling and stronger friendships/relationships.

… wow I feel a bit like a cheesy childrens cartoon ending with a good moral comment like that 😀

Things are no different, although I am a bit tired after about five days of celebration and maddness, culminating today in tiding the house…. yeah ok maybe not your average birthday celebration but we’ve got an inspection by the landlord tomorrow so it had to be done.
It was definately great to see everyone again, I think this has been the biggest gathering of my friends for any of my birthdays (since people started gathering for that kind of thing) the DVD player that my parents ordered me arrived via the Sam/Jim courier service which made up for comet delivering to the wrong address. And that works fine although I did have a bit of a moment when I had to look at the manual… I’d foolishly set the video output mode to one that the TV here can’t handle, thus giving a blank screen, thankfully there was a simple way of reseting it.
Well I think I’m going to settle down and watch a really cheesy film on the TV now, just what the doctor ordered to recover and relax 😉

Yesterday I went to Earls court London to go to the Plasa 2004 exhibition. I was there specifically to look at DJ gear. Not that I need any new kit or anything, the stuff I have is pretty much top of the range and perfectly fine for home use.
I suppose getting to see the uk premier of the Technics SL-DZ1200 digital CDJ turntable and recorded an excusive video of them being demonstrated AND getting to have a go on one of the six working prototypes at the time… yeah getting to do and see that last year gave me good incentive to go again.
I didn’t stay for long, but I saw and had a go on some damn cool stuff.
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The fine tipped pens designed for labeling CD’s are perfect for signing credit cards. In the past I have followed the instructions and used a ballpoint but quite frankly the results in these situations reminded me why I rarely follow or even look at instructions.

(If you haven’t caught on they were terrible)

I went shopping yesterday, for some clothes and a new pair of trainers. I was in Smiths looking for stationary of sorts (didn’t find what I wanted) and I saw these three women that look really rather over dressed considering, well they were in a shop. I did happen to overhear some of their conversation thought:

Overfashioned #1:What do you need pencils for?
Overfashioned #2:Oh I’m doing art.
Overfashioned #1:You’re doing art?
Overfashioned #2:Yeah, art GCSE

…..GCSE!! I felt like I should do penance or something, I mean I knew they looked a bit young but geez that would make them about 14 or 15 !! I moved away from the quickly after that.
There was also an incident which illiustrates why you should make sure you heard correctly:

Me:How much are these shoes?
Shop assistant:Let me check…. they’re thirty-four ninety-nine.
Me:[Thinks]Well thats much cheaper than that other pair, I can’t go wrong
…I go to pay
Shop assistant:That’ll be fourty-nine ninety-nine please.

Damn, at least that was still a fair bit cheaper than that other pair I was looking at. They are kinda cool shoes that I would wear most of the time, instead of trainer. I did overlook one point though. I still need new trainers now, seeing as my old ones are rather knackered and I still need a pair for the gym and for dancing and the like.