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Well I have just successfully finished a complete re-stringing of my guitar, its sounding a lot better now! 🙂
Here are some things that I’ve learnt from the experience:
Its very easy to send the pegs pinging off while trying to tighten up the strings.
The thin strings should be tightened with care as they are very easy to break (thats how the whole thing started).
I seems that when re-strung, a lot of tuning should be expected while they settle.

Quite a coincidence that less than a week after my guitar teacher advised me to only bother changing the strings when they break when *SNAP* the E sting goes. Slightly disappointing that while trying to tune the replacement I bought…. *SNAP*… but I’ve learned my lesson and now everything seems to be good. 🙂

Well its the morning after a great night out in Plymouth, which was rounded off with an early morning ‘full english’ at Goodbodies (what a place). I have finally started to attack the pile of junk left over from university (lecture notes and whatnot).
I came across some amusing things (for me anyway) like the manual for the CDJ’s that have now been sold on twice since I owned them, or the lecture notes that were actually just a printed out e-mail… but there was something I found from an earlier time, a simpler time. It was when I had decided to learn how write in calligraphy, which I remember. I had written the beginnings of what I think could have been a great story, which I don’t remember… anyway here it is:

Once upon a time there was a big rocket.
Almost as big as a house. It has 50 rockets and 40 boosters. Pooh was the pilot of the rocket.

A masterpiece in the making I’m sure you’ll agree!
I have to admit this made me smile, and the thought of people in the far future perhaps trying to decifer this ancient script decribing a great machine also made me smile, but maybe that just reflects my less then standard sense of humour.

Like so many people around the world I suffer from hayfever, although it seems to strike later than most people. This always throws me because when I see everyone else sneezing away I think ‘oh maybe I’ve become immune and won’t get it this year‘ then it strikes. Seems to have hit with avengence today. I’m just extremely glad that Benadryl seems to sort me out pretty much most of the time.

This has however triggered my curiosity and here is the result, below is a list of common pollen producered in England and when they flower. Using this info I’m now pretty sure that I’m allergic to either Nettle or Dock, not sure how this is usefly but its good to know ;).
This info was found from My Pharmacy so if you’re not too lazy you could just go there, at the end of the list I will put links to several more ‘pollen calendars’ that I found.
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Well this evening (… well yesterday evening and this morning) have shown how its possible to have a truly enjoyable time without having to drink any alcoholic bevarages. Of course some people reading this would think this to be a fairly obvious fact, but you have to understand that after four crazy student years it can be quite easy to loose sight of this fact.
Of course even though I remained sober this evening, I still had to walk home, being banned from driving and all.
A popular saying for this situation goes along these lines: ‘if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’
A rather obvious oversight to this saying is that the length of the time and the gravity of the crime are rarely something that people properly consider. Especially if your judgement is slightly clouded by alcohol. Well its something for you to think about, I’m off to bed.

The more observant of you will have noticed that I have added a new category to the link pimping section. This is worthy blogs, blogs that I have been reading for a fair while (at least a month) and have decided are ‘worthy’ blogs. In other words they are updated on a fairly regular basis and have useful, interesing or amusing content (rarely all three though!).
So please have a look and enjoy 🙂

When I first set out building this website I had the idea of writing an article called ‘newbie to blogging superhero’ with all the steps needed to get from not even having a host server to having a blog. I mentioned this idea to Denyerec and he advised me to keep a journal of everything I did to make writing the article easier. Sage advice that I was too lazy to follow, but then when I was hacking my way through a .php file I realised that I was never at the newbie stage. Having spent four years at uni being trained as a Master of Engineering and then spending another year working in my current job, well my familiarity with a large number of programming languages means I have quite a massive advantage over a proper newbie.
So my lazyness turned out to be an advantage 🙂
Just goes to show, being slack can sometimes save wasted effort (not often but hey)

Went out last night in Plymouth with ‘the gang’ (few missing but hey) came back fairly early, infact we got that last bus back to save money.
Anyway my point was that I woke up at eight this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep…. admittedly if I get too much sleep I feel groggy and stupid for the rest of the day.
Still it would have been nice to sleep in a bit 😐

Woo, made me a ‘lil logo for the site. Pretty damn simple and has a uncanny resemblance to the ‘E4’ logo… but hey, I don’t claim to be any kind of designer. 😀

In a chat with Pete not that long ago we were joking about being carried away by men in white coats for things written about in a blog. I thought that it was certainly pretty easy to censor yourself enough to prevent this from happening. However this did get me to thinking.
I some article somewhere I read that some of the more tech savy companies will read the blogs of job applicants as this is the easiest way of getting a handle on what they are really like. Thinking about this I wondered if knowing this fact would cause me to censor myself more that usual.

After a bit of contemplation on the subject I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t change my blogging at all, I’ve already decided that I won’t use sware-words on this blog (mainly because I like the challenge of using more interesting language) and I don’t get upto anything that I feel would influence any job making decisions (plus what are the chances of that actually happening to me?)

On a completely separate note I had a really enjoyable day at work yesterday, I was working with my boss on some initial simulations for our next major project and found the challenge and the free exchange of ideas to be stimualting and rewarding…. 😉

A plain danish pastry is NOT worth 75p

Infact they pretty much suck full stop.